Platelet Rich-Plasma

Healing From The Inside-Out!

Platelet Rich-Plasma

Dr. Sigman has treated thousands of patients with every injury you can imagine, using PRP. From burns to back pain, sports injuries to broken bones, and even facial rejuvenation, and cosmetic repair. He has the experience necessary to utilize this procedure effectively!

Treating injuries with PRP is meant to speed up the healing process. This is done via introducing a concentrated solution of platelets into an injured or afflicted area. Platelets are our bodies own natural healing mechanism, and they are responsible for healing any injury the body endures. When an injury is sustained, the body dispatches thousands of platelets to the area to begin the healing process. First, the Platelets act as first responders by getting the most critical issues under control. Then the Platelets survey all damage, and organize the repair of every tissue type, muscle, bone, tendon, ligament nerve, blood vessel, etc.

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Highly Effective Treatments

Dr. Sigman’s experience in PRP has led him to develop a protocol which is highly effective at isolating the maximum number of platelets for treatment. This is important because with PRP the more platelets that are introduced, the more effective and efficient the healing is. Dr. Sigman's protocol leads to more effective results, and faster healing time, ensuring you can obtain the solution you are looking for.

For an example of how Platelets works, lets imagine we have a severe cut on the arm, down to the bone. This damages over ten different tissue types (epidermis, dermis, connective tissue, adipose tissue, blood vessels, nerves, muscle, etc.). When the cut occurs, your body itself sends 100,000 (+/-) platelets to the injury, as first responders. The Platelets begin by stopping the bleeding and assessing the damage. They then orchestrate the complete healing of everything that is damaged. We would begin to see a scab form over the injury to protect it as the platelets work. Over the next 6-8 weeks, we would be left with a scar on our arm, and every major tissue and muscle would be functioning again. That is the power of our body's platelets.

With PRP, we are concentrating your bodies platelets and using them to speed up the healing process and make it more effective. This is done by drastically increasing the number of platelets available to heal your injury. First, we draw blood and Dr. Sigman uses his expertise to isolate all of the platelets available. Then, those concentrated platelets are reintroduced directly to the injury. This sees the number of platelets working to heal the injury increased from 100,00 to 10,000,000 +/-. These additional platelets allow for the body to maximize its own healing power.

With PRP treatment every Patient improves. With some injuries it will require multiple treatments, but the improvements will be noticed immediately. As with any job that needs to be done, increasing the number of workers doing the job sees an increase in speed and quality. The same thing applies with this treatment.

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